Jackson Teleport

Jackson Teleport:  The Network's Live-Shot Studios and Transmission Service from Mississippi's Capital City since 1990

Jackson Teleport was developed as an off-shoot of WeatherVision’s TV weathercast distribution. As soon as the system was finished, the first call that came was from the major news networks inquiring as to the availability for a “satellite press tour” for Hillary Clinton, who was in Jackson campaigning for her Husband, Bill during his first Presidential run. Jackson Teleport has been working over the past two decades as the go-to live transmission provider to all major networks ever since. From CBS’s Face The Nation to CNN’s Larry King Live and The Situation Room, from MSNBC and CNBC to NBC and ABC, Jackson Entertainment Teleport has produced live satellite transmissions for all the major news broadcasts for the networks.

With studios in Jackson at 916 Foley Street and NOW new studios in Ocean Springs / Biloxi, Mississippi, transmitting cutting edge HD via the very latest cloud-based broadband technology. Jackson Teleport opened up a live window into Mississippi’s Capital City and Gulf Coast to the national media.